Cost Management
As your trusted consultant, Atlas Project Support will represent you to provide total project management by coordinating field and office operations to ensure successful, on time progress from project inception to completion. Here at Atlas Project Support, we offer the following services as part of our world class portfolio:
Cost Control
  1. Independent Cost Estimating - This methodology and approach ensures work to be completed as soon as possible with turnaround time to be forecasted and negotiated. Includes an estimate review metrics report that summarizes and compares several key benchmark ratios and factors versus historical (and sometimes estimated) values from similar projects, cost targets for the company, and/or benchmarks from external sources.
  2. Energy Conservation Estimating –Atlas utilizes our expertise in various cost estimating techniques and our knowledge in energy efficiency measure implementation, renewable energy systems, energy program management to perform a variety of modeling and estimating. We can generate reports demonstrating the cost/energy savings relationship in conjunction with energy project construction. We can perform project life cycle analysis and financial pro forma.
  3. Conceptual Estimating – There are two key steps in asset planning: identifying asset solution alternatives, and then analyzing their feasibility. The identification step applies the project scope development process at a conceptual level of detail. Similarly, the feasibility analysis step applies the processes of schedule planning and development, cost estimating, resource planning, value analysis/engineering, and risk management to the scope definition at a conceptual level of detail.
We can prepare the following levels of estimates:
Atlas Cost Estimate Classification

Construction Management Assistance
Private owners may not have all of the technical capabilities to manage the various phases of their own projects. Construction projects necessarily involve a myriad of professionals, users, owners and contractors, each involved for profit at some phase of completion. An Atlas Project Support consultant can organize these parties as an independent representative of the client to insure that his best interests are served and that maximum profitability is achieved.
As your representative we can:
  • Coordinate activity undertaken by owners, design professionals and contractors
  • Schedule meetings between the aforementioned people to discuss progress
  • Issue regular progress reports
  • Perform on-site inspections
  • Coordinate commissioning prior to startup to insure smooth operation
  • Perform Energy Efficiency Title 24 Compliance Analysis providing Residential and Nonresidential plan checkers, field inspectors and energy consultants for the California Energy Standards
Project Planning, Scheduling, & Controls
Atlas Project Support has handled or assisted in the planning, scheduling activities and project controls for a wide variety of construction projects. Our involvement can commence from the early stages of design through completion or start up. The degree of responsibility assumed by us reduces the risk of error that results from mismanagement of time, cost and manpower. Some devices utilized by Atlas Project Support to insure that you are kept informed and the project flows smoothly are:
  • Regularly scheduled progress reports using a CPM or Gantt Chart method created using computer applications such as P6 Primavera and Microsoft Project.
  • Scheduling for phase completions
  • Corrective action development
  • Development of basic bar charts and flow curves for productivity